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After 30+ years of service Camp Burton is saying goodbye to our Executive Director Kathleen Hendrickson and
our Finance Director Christy Calhoun. Look forward to an introduction when our new Director comes aboard in
early 2016, and fear not - we've told Kathleen and Christy it isn't goodbye, it's see ya later!
Visit our Christian Camps page for summer camp dates.  In February, download the appropriate registration
forms for camps run by Camp Burton Staff.  You will find, on the Christian Camps page, links to our Youth and
Families Registration page and our Special Needs Registration page.

We look forward to hosting two weeks of
Camp GoodTimes again next summer.  It is a week long camp for
children who are fighting cancer, children who are survivors of cancer, and siblings of children with cancer.  We
look forward to their time here when all of our spirits are lifted by the joy that fills Camp.

We will also host
Sickle Cell Camp again next summer for children battling Sickle Cell Anemia.  The return  of
their smiles and watching their enjoyment of Camp Burton's surroundings is something all of our staff
anticipates each summer.