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We have completed our Water
System Project.  An anonymous
donor made it possible for us to
bring our wells up to new
Washington State Regulations as
well as tie the well system in to
an automatic generator system
that will start upon any loss of
power.  This will allow us to keep
the water flowing during power
The Mary Ann Dennis Playground received an update this Fall.  New gravel,
new surround, and a new boat to replace the old structure which had become
unsafe.  The tire swing and the old slide received beds of playground chips to
make a softer cushion surface.
Through the generous
donations we have
received from people who
care about Camp Burton,
we have been updating
and upgrading things here
at Camp.

We thank these friends of
Camp Burton for making
it all possible.
Camp Burton has new beds in all of our cabins.  The new beds have real, twin
size mattresses and are solid wood construction.  The bunks also can be
separated so that all of the beds can rest upon the floor as single beds.

We found that our old bed frames had stamped identification on them  when
they were removed.  Some were stamped U. S. Army 1942!

Through the generosity of many of Camp's friends, we raised the funds
necessary to purchase the frames and the mattresses from American Bedding
Manufacturing in Athens, Tennessee.  One anonymous donor agreed to match
the funds that we were able to raise.

We are grateful to all who donated to this project.

The weekend of December 6-8, 2013 we had a team of volunteers descend
upon camp to assemble the new bunks in the cabins and move the new
mattresses in to place.  Schedule a retreat and try them out!

Cabin 2 new beds

Cabin 4 new beds